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Get More Intimate with Best Hotel Interior, Suralaya Floor Lamp

Bungas is the first decorative lamp manufacturer in Indonesia by prioritizing unique product designs and ensuring premium quality. We are committed to using the best materials in producing our products in quality and durability.

The name Bungas brand itself is taken from the language of Banjar, Kalimantan, Indonesia, which means beautiful, good-looking, and majestic. The goal is not only to produce functional products, Bungas products also have an aesthetic value to add to the beauty of the interior and exterior of buildings such as hotel and villas.

Get More Intimate with Best Hotel Interior, Suralaya Floor Lamp

One of our products is Suralaya premium decorative lights. Suralaya comes from Sanskrit with the meaning of heaven; place of the gods.

We describe Suralaya as a couple who love each other. It can be seen from the design like a couple hugging. Shows the affection of two people who love and care for each other. In line with what the philosopher Jalaluddin Rumi said, compassion is a source of all things.

We agree with the words of the Persian philosopher. Besides growing a sense of caring and making people happy, being too affectionate for someone can also make us fall. Defining affection will certainly be very broad in scope. However, through Suralaya, we want to spread love in a positive way. We want to stimulate every human being, not only couples to spread love and affection to each other. Through the luminescence of Suralaya, it can cool the heart of every human being to be able to enjoy its beauty.

Suralaya is very suitable for interior decoration of hotels and villas. We worked on Suralaya not to be the main character in the interior, but to complement it in a corner of the room that has value and harmony with other interiors. With Suralaya in the corner of the hotel or villa, we hope that all guests who visit are pleased to look at the corner of the room and enjoy our Suralaya.

The Benefits of Bungas Home Decor

As the best hotel interior manufacturer, our spirit is ‘What You Look, is What You Get’ which encompasses the fusion of technology and art, original design, harmonious blend of materials, and quality and durability.

The Blend of Technology and Art

As the best hotel interior manufactur, we combine technology with art. Our manufacturing process uses many stages using the latest technology. We use laser marking machines on our products, besides that artistic value remains our main focus. We have a philosophy in every product we produce.

Original Design

Bungas Home Decor has its own designer who makes our product designs 100% original. For consideration, we always tear our working drawings if the designs we produce are the same or similar to products already on the market. As the best hotel interior manufactur, our ideology of originality is unquestionable.

Harmonious Blend of Materials

We do not deny that we have been in the fabrication industry for a long time. Therefore, through furniture products, we do not want to leave our identity by combining metal materials with wood to produce a beautiful product. We use the best materials such as teak wood, mindi wood, mild steel, aluminum and several other environmentally friendly materials.

Quality and durability

By using the best materials this ensures maximum results in quality, comfort, durability and product design style. Our premium products can last a long time.

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