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Lighting Inspiration: Aesthetic Garden with Outdoor Decorative Lamps

Don’t let the outdoor side of your house fall into darkness while from the inside shines bright, so that when the sun falls down you can take joy the beauty of your garden. Besides giving elegance look to your house, outdoor decorative lamp will assist you during night activity in the outside. Bungas Home Decor known as the best decorative lamp maker in Indonesia, and we are here to share some advices to turn your outdoor space into gorgeous night view, this guarantee your house will look great than other. Here is our inspiration down below…

How Important is Outdoor Lighting?

To make a cozy outdoor or garden at night, try to setup a good outdoor lighting. Therefore lighting placement and electricity must be arranged carefully to avoid damage, then look up for energy consumption needed. Here is the reason why outdoor lighting is so important:

  1. Creating contrast between garden path and object
  2. As a guidance when the night comes
  3. Gain safety and comfy environment during night time
  4. Security support at outdoor area
  5. Boost outdoor area aesthetics

5 Outdoor Decorative Lamps

  1. Lighten the Front Door with Wall Lamp

Shine your garden start from exterior. With wall lamp placed on left and right the front door, it will lighten up the frontside of your house and makes in and out access easier.

2. Hanging Lamps for Ceiling

One of the best lighting position is from up above, especially if you have gazebo or canopy with open room, it will be suitable for outdoor hanging lamp installation. Ready to light up the night when you want to relax with family outside.

3. Look Minimalist with Solar LED Lights

Tampil terang dan minimalis tanpa harus boros listrik, inilah solusinya! lampu LED dengan solar panel. Mengubah sinar matahari menjadi listrik, lampu LED ini akan menjadikan taman Anda bergaya futuristik. 

4. Sparkling Touch with String Light

Try to make a creation of string light attached to ceiling or trees in your garden. Examples of string light including Tumblr lamp or hanging bulb which can be stretched, by applying this type of lamp will giving you warm and cozy ambience.

5. Light Up the Path with LED Strips

lampu hias taman

Add an aesthetic yet modern touch to the accent of your garden by applying LED strips which has flexibility characteristic, you can shape it as you please.

By installing outdoor lighting, it will be helpful for outdoor activity at night and makes you easier to watch the outside situation. If you looking for low energy consumption lighting, We advice you LED lamps. For a soothing touch look for warm colored bulb. One thing to remember, don’t forget that outdoor lighting needs water proof specification and make sure it is not fllode by water.

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