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Prevent Global Warming with Eco-Friendly House

Eco-friendly house refer to houses that are built with environmental sustainability in mind, efficient use of energy, and materials that do not damage nature, thereby reducing global warming.

Criteria that are suitable for this concept include using environmentally friendly building materials and not ozone depleting. Prevention not to damage ozone, among others, the selection of environmentally friendly roofs made of mild steel, wooden or bamboo walls, and the use of old materials to build houses are examples of environmentally friendly development.

Impact of Global Warming on Humans

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The impact of warming on humans cannot be underestimated. Global warming can cause climate change which results in melting of glaciers and ice in the North and South Poles which can lead to rising sea levels and make some areas flooded or submerged in water. Other impacts of global warming include heavy rainfall, crop failure, loss of coral reefs, and the extinction of various species.

Benefits of an Eco-Friendly House

Using the concept of an environmentally friendly house for your residence can reduce daily costs such as electricity and water. This is due to the use of direct sunlight for light during the day and helping to dry clothes that are dried in the sun without having to use a washing machine dryer, saving water by using good sanitation, and doing a lot of reuse which is useful for saving costs for household waste. fertilizer so no need to buy fertilizer.

Eco-friendly homes can also make your mental health. An open area in an eco-friendly house helps reduce stress and makes you healthier because you breathe fresh air from plants in green open spaces. Because of this, the quality and productivity of life increases.

And the main benefit is contributing to protecting the earth and helping to reduce environmental damage such as global warming and climate change.

Application of Eco-Friendly House

For private residences, you should not use too many glass elements on the walls because they can increase the heat temperature. Then leave a little green space, even better if you use the biopori technique.

If it is necessary to use air conditioning, make sure the volume of the building is smaller so that it speeds up the cooling process. Plant trees to filter dust, pollution and cool the house.

Furniture for Eco-Friendly House

In addition to using environmentally friendly materials for your home, one way to make your home look green and environmentally friendly is to use wood-based furniture. Wood has a low energy content. It can be said that wood is a natural material that does not cause chemical emissions to the environment.

Furniture such as tables and chairs made of wood can be an interesting choice, besides displaying decorative lights in the corner of your living room is also a unique idea. But you have to pay attention to the basic materials to stay environmentally friendly.

Bungas Home Decor provides premium decorative lights with solid wood base materials which are environmentally friendly and can prevent global warming.

Bungas Home Decor

Bungas is the first decorative lamp manufacturer in Indonesia by prioritizing unique product designs and ensuring premium quality. We are committed to using the best materials in producing our products in quality and durability.

The Bungas brand name itself is taken from the Banjar language, Kalimantan, Indonesia which means beautiful, good-looking, cool, nice and majestic. The goal is not only to produce functional products, Bungas products also have an aesthetic value to add to the beauty of the interior and exterior of a building.

We are supported by the best designers. The designs of the lights that we produce are original designs from Bungas Home Decor. By prioritizing aesthetics and function, all of our decorative lights look elegant and charming.

We strive to present high quality home decor products using the best materials such as teak wood, mindi wood, mild steel, aluminum and several other environmentally friendly materials. This ensures maximum results in quality, comfort, durability and product design style.

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