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Tips for Designing a Comfortable Home with Decoration Lamp

Decoration lamp are furniture that is important today and can be applied in all types of homes. It is very nice to live in a village where the air and atmosphere are cool and shady. This atmosphere can make you comfortable with a little pollution that makes the air clean and cool.

Even though you live in an urban area, you can still create a calm and comfortable atmosphere in your home. In addition to using green plants, using wood elements as home decorations such as wall hangings and decorative lights can also make the house shady.

In this article, Bungas will provide recommendations for living room designs with decoration lamp that can make the living room shady and comfortable.

Create an Open Living Room

An open living room can give a comfortable impression because air and light can enter optimally. Coupled with decoration lamp with wood material and yellow light further enhance the comfort of your home.

Wood Material Decoration Lamp

Another inspiration is the living room design that utilizes wood in various elements. Starting from the guest table, sofa chair legs, shelves, windows, wooden ceilings in the living room, and of course decoration lamp. To make it look more attractive, also add various decorations such as vases & plant pots that effectively create a tropical impression, as well as adjust the lighting in various corners of the room, including from the ceiling.

Ethnic Elements and Classical Ornaments

Emphasizing ethnic and classic designs can also give a natural and shady impression. Adding furniture that is dominated by wood with a classic finish will strengthen the organic impression and also give the impression of luxury and elegance. The living room is more natural with decoration lamp that are combined between wood and leather materials.

Decoration Lamp Combine with Plants

Adding a touch of plants to the living room can enhance the natural and tropical impression. Occupancy is certainly shadier with this design. In addition, this living room also uses rattan furniture, such as a set of chairs and lampshades. The presence of this material represents a simple living room design in the village, even though you apply it in an urban house.

Bungas Home Decor

The name Bungas is taken from the Banjar language, South Kalimantan, Indonesia, which means beautiful, good-looking, luxurious, and majestic. We aim to be a producer of premium decorative lighting and produce products that are functional and have aesthetic value to add to the beauty of the interior and exterior of buildings such as hotels and villas.

As a decoration lamp manufacturer, our passion is ‘What You Look, is What You Get’ which encompasses the fusion of technology and art, original design, a harmonious blend of materials, and quality and durability.

Bungas wants to be your part in creating a comfortable home interior. Visit the Bungas website or contact us via this link to view our other catalogs.

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