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What You Need to Know About a Valuable Floor Lamp

A good room should include a good lighting. Not only natural lighting from sunlight or main lighting source, lighting with decoration lamp such as floor lamp sometimes required as an additional light. aside from giving additional light to your room, floor lamp play a role as beautiful decoration, that gives you warmer and cozy atmosphere. Need more inspiration? go check our articles about good lighting tips here.

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Abhati Floor Lamp from Bungas

However, do you know the right way to pick floor lamp for your house, and anything about floor lamp types? in this article, let us guide you from A to Z.

Floor Lamp Types Different

Standard floor lamp consist of base and shade with pole uphold them both. Floor lamp commonly used as ambient light. And here is another floor lamp types to inspire you:

Swing Arm Floor Lamp

lampu lantai terbaik di Indonesia
Cynosure Floor Lamp

Swing arm feature gives you flexible access to control light direction from the lamp. With this flexibility, you can adjust the lighting right away to any direction. Swing arm floor lamp can be functioned as a task lighting too.

Torchiere Floor Lamp

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Bucolic Floor Lamp

Having characteristic with lamp cover facing upward like a cone, torchiere floor lamp giving ambient light by reflecting the light on wall.

Multiple Light Floor Lamp

floor lamp terbaik di indonesia
Saloni Floor Lamp

Floor lamp with multiple lamp attached like tree branch. Giving you ambient light into many spots, some of multiple light floor lamp has multi directional arm which can be adjusted.

LED Floor Lamp

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Arunika Floor Lamp

Adopting contemporary and modern design, floor lamp with LED technology has an advantage low energy consumption. Strip LED lamp has flexibility which follow the form of the floor lamp. Therefore light emitted from LED floor lamp can spread in wider area.

Then, Where is the Best Place for Floor Lamp?

So, here is some suitable place for floor lamp:

Room Corner

Caldas Floor Lamp

Lay a floor lamp at the corner of your room, it lights give your room spacious impression.

Besides Chair or Sofa

Placement beside chair or sofa is the ideal spot for floor lamp with shade or task floor lamp, this is helpful when you are reading or just o relax.

Behind TV Screen

lampu lantai yang baik

Reduce the glare when you sit back and enjoy your favorite show.

The Right Floor Lamp Size

floor lamp

Most of floor lamp designed to match the height when we sit, from 145cm to 160cm. But, a few of them has adjustable arm. You need to consider the ceiling height to match the size. Find the matching lamp shade with the shape of the pole and base, also consider the shade size with bulb used on the lamp.

Floor Lamp Advantage in Your Room

Floor Lamp has the most flexibility among other type of decoration lamps. It can play role as ambient lighting, task lighting, or accent lighting. Other than that, floor lamp is portable enough if you want to move it to another corner. Light emitted from floor lamp gives a spacious impression to your room.

Bungas Home Decor, Finest Premium Floor Lamp Manufacturer in Indonesia

Take a look and get various floor lamp models at Bungas Home Decor! Go decorate your room with premium floor lamp from Bungas. choose a floor lamp as you prefer, but don’t forget to consider your interior theme and area, don not let it ruin the aesthetic.

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