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Create a Comfortable Home with These Minimalist Lamp

It must be admitted that the lifestyle of young people has a great influence on world trends, both fashion and decoration. One of the most influential concepts in the decoration industry is the minimalist concept that is being favored by young people.

The minimalist concept is a concept that makes the best use of space, removing unnecessary parts and leaving only the elements that are really needed. Instead of filling the walls with various interiors, the minimalist concept chooses to leave the interior that is deemed necessary such as wall decoration, besides that decoration lamps can also support the minimalist concept in the house.

In this article, Bungas will provide recommendations for minimalist lamps that can help you realize a minimalist concept in your home.

Unique Minimalist Lamp with Three Stands

The floor lamp above brings a different experience to your home. It has three stands made of steel, combined with mindi wood as the main light ring. The clean white light coupled with the appearance of the same color makes this floor lamp very suitable to support the minimalist concept of the house.

Perfectly Exposed Minimalist Lamp

This floor lamp has a unique visual form and of course minimalist. Visualizations such as lovers embracing can bring a warm atmosphere to the living room. Made of mild steel pipe with a black finish, this floor lamp is perfectly exposed from all sides. The minimalist lamp above is perfect for being in the living room to accompany your relaxing time.

Natural Table Lamp

This table lamp looks so elegant with the wood material that stands out. Made from a combination of two of the best woods in Indonesia, namely rosewood teak and mindi wood as the base and wooden stand. The finishing used is rustic so that the details of this lamp are very ethnic but still look modern, classy and minimalist.

White and Clean Table Lamp

This table lamp looks so clean with a cool white color. Made of mindi wood with a rustic finish. The stand and the light from the table lamp above which is white is very representative of the minimalist concept which is famous for its bright and clean colors. This table lamp is perfect for being in the living room to accompany your rest.

Unique Table Lamp

This lamp has a unique visualization with a square box shape. Made of mindi wood combined with steel with a white finish, it adds an elegant impression. This lamp is perfect for display on the table to add a modern minimalist aesthetic.

Bungas Home Decor

Kreasi Muda Indonesia

The name Bungas is taken from the Banjar language, South Kalimantan, Indonesia, which means beautiful, good-looking, luxurious, majestic. We aim to be a producer of premium decorative lighting and produce products that are functional and have aesthetic value to add to the beauty of the interior and exterior of buildings such as hotels and villas.

As a minimalist lamp manufacturer, our passion is ‘What You Look, is What You Get’ which encompasses the fusion of technology and art, original design, harmonious blend of materials, and quality and durability.

Bungas wants to be your part in creating a comfortable home interior. Visit the Bungas website or contact us via this link to view our other catalogs.

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