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Innovative Decoration for Living Room with Unique Decoration Lamp!

Creating a comfortable living room is not easy to do. We have to adjust the decor to the color of the walls, choose a suitable interior, to choose the best decoration lamp for our living room. Innovative decoration will make the living room more comfortable and elegant. Therefore, determining the decoration of the living room is very important.

One of the decoration lamp that can be applied to our homes is the classic concept decoration lamp, because this type of lamp can bring a strong character and liven up the atmosphere in the room. In this article, Bungas will provide recommendations for unique classic decoration lamp that are suitable for your living room.

Decoration Lamp with Medieval Atmosphere

This lamp is suitable for the living room with its special feature that has a grille that protects the lamp. The industrial impression is felt in this wall lamp so that it can bring a classic and elegant atmosphere in the house.

Decoration Lamp with Industrial Concept

This unique lamp has a classic and unique impression. The industrial concept combined with the innovative shape makes the wall lamp very special. Prioritizing yellow light combined with selected materials such as mild steel and wood, making the lamp aesthetic and sturdy.

Go Back in Time with the Petromak Concept

This lamp model is similar to the lamps used by the majority of Indonesian people when electricity was still uneven. Before the 1950s, it was synonymous with the use of petromak lamps in villages in Indonesia. A classic impression such as a petromak lamp can be brought into the living room with this type of wall lamp.

Elegant with Old Hourglass Concept

This lamp is similar to an hourglass that developed in the early days of human civilization. This lamp is very unique and classic which is ready to make the living room character and comfortable to live in for a long time. Boredom will go away by this unique lamp.

Leather Ornaments Bring the Atmosphere of Javanese Tradition

This lamp is inspired by Javanese culture, one of the tribes in Indonesia. In Javanese art, leather is an ornament that is often used. Starting from puppets to painting using leather as one of the ornaments. This decoration lamp is so unique because it is like wearing leather clothes. The atmosphere of ancient Java can be brought into the living room with this unique lamp.

With the lights that have been recommended above, it is hoped that they can change the living room to be more comfortable and warm for every family who occupies it, including you.

Bungas Home Decor

The name Bungas is taken from the Banjar language, South Kalimantan, Indonesia, which means beautiful, good-looking, luxurious, majestic. We aim to be a producer of premium decorative lights and produce products that are functional and have aesthetic value to add to the beauty of the interior and exterior of buildings such as hotels and villas.

As a decoration lamp manufacturer, our passion is ‘What You Look, is What You Get’ which encompasses the fusion of technology and art, original design, harmonious blend of materials, and quality and durability.

Bungas wants to be your part in creating a comfortable home interior. Visit the Bungas website or contact us via this link to view our other catalogs.

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