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The Benefits of Sonokeling Wood in the Furniture Industry

Sonokeling is one of the most famous wood in foreign countries. In international trade, Sonokeling has another name in French, namely Palisandre de I’Inde.

Sonokeling can be found in South Asia to Southeast Asia. In India, Sonokeling grows from the Himalaya to the south of the Deccan Peninsula, India. In Indonesia, rosewood is only found growing wild in the forests of Central Java and East Java at an altitude below 600m above sea level. Rocky, infertile and dry soils are periodically the place to grow this tree. In addition, rosewood grows in groups, but not too much, and in the dry season the leaves of rosewood fall.

Closer to Sonokeling

Sonokeling is a hardwood with good durability. This wood is classified as durable and resistant to termites and fungi that can cause wood to decay. This wood has a smooth surface and can be peeled and sliced ​​to make decorative veneers. This wood can also be turned, screwed and polished with good results. The texture is quite smooth, with straight and sometimes wavy fiber directions.

The fibers and textures found in rosewood have a beauty and decorative value so that they make items made of wood look more luxurious and attractive. Sonokeling also has a unique and charming color.

The Benefits of Sonokeling

Because of the benefits of sonokeling wood, it is used in many ways. As used as materials for doors, tables, cupboards, chairs and others. In addition, the furniture industry also takes full advantage of the advantages of this wood. Sonokeling is often used as a base for charming decoration lamps.

Bungas Home Decor

Bungas is the first decoration lamp manufacturer in Indonesia by prioritizing unique product designs and ensuring premium quality. We are committed to using the best materials in producing our products in quality and durability.

The name Bungas brand itself is taken from the Banjar language, Kalimantan, Indonesia which means beautiful and majestic. The goal, apart from producing functional products, Bungas products also has an aesthetic value to add to the beauty of the interior and exterior of a building.

We are supported by the best designers. The designs of the lights that we produce are original designs from Bungas Home Decor. By prioritizing aesthetics and function, all of our decorative lights look elegant and charming.

We strive to present high quality home decor products using the best materials such as teak wood, mindi wood, sonokeling wood, mild steel, aluminum and several other environmentally friendly materials. This ensures maximum results in quality, comfort, durability and product design style.

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