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Tips for Choosing the Right Light Bulb For Your Home

In every building, room lighting is needed to facilitate human activities in it, one of the lighting that must exist for a modern room as it is today is to use a light bulb or light bulb. Types of light bulbs are also very diverse, just to be adjusted to the needs of the house or building.

Now with the various types of light bulbs on the market, it will be easy for us to determine which light bulb suits our needs. Maybe some of you don’t know what the types of light bulbs are, and what are the functions of each? Well, we will discuss it in this article, watch it until the end!

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Get to Know the Different Types of Light Bulbs

For lighting needs, the bulb is known as the main source of light which is attached to the lamp fitting. The types of bulbs themselves are very diverse, below are some types of light bulbs and their meanings,

1. Incandescent Lamps

Incandescent lamps are lamps that are artificial light sources that are produced by channeling electric current through a filament or filament which then heats up and produces light. The incandescent lamp itself is the first lamp invented by Thomas Alva Edison. Light from incandescent lamps has its own characteristics such as not changing the original color of the object.

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2. Neon

Ordinary tube-shaped fluorescent lamps, fluorescent lamps are a type of lamp that uses phosphorescent light to glow due to ultraviolet radiation from mercury vapor/gas. Mercury gas is commonly called neon gas, therefore this lamp is nicknamed fluorescent lamp. Usually, this type of fluorescent lamp is widely used in factories, shops, supermarkets, or other commercial purposes.

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3. Spotlights

As the name implies, spotlights or commonly referred to as spot lamps are lights that emit light only in one particular direction as needed. Usually the light in the released floodlights is parallel and goes to a point in a certain direction, and usually the floodlights are designed to rotate.

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4. LED light

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode, which is a lamp with electronic components that can emit monochromatic light when a forward voltage is applied. Sounds a little confusing, yes, in short, special LED lights because there are chips and materials used that can make different colors.

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Tips for Choosing a Light Bulb for a Room

In addition to decorating a room that requires tips, choosing a light bulb also has tips and tricks! So, after understanding the different types of light bulbs, how do you choose the right bulb and color for your room? Check out some of the following tips, I hope they can help and inspire you all.

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1. Adjust to Room Needs

To choose the right light bulb, it is necessary to know which room will be lit and adjusted to light needs. Because not all rooms are suitable for one type of light bulb.

2. Adjust with Light Fittings

Before choosing a light bulb for the room, it’s a good idea to understand the fittings or lamp holders in your home. Knowing this, the seller will usually direct you to the choice of light bulbs that are most suitable for your room.

3. Don’t be Fooled by the Price

Usually there are many types and prices of bulbs on the market, but don’t be fooled by cheap price offers, because they don’t necessarily have good quality. The bad thing if you choose the wrong light bulb is that it can explode and endanger the occupants of the house who installed the lamp.

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