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What is Ambient Lighting in a Room and Is It Important?

An important aspect in a room is the existence of an adequate lighting system. The lighting system in the room is also divided into several types, such as ambient light, task light and accent light. Ambient lighting or general lighting is one of the most important aspects of a room, because it is the main source of lighting that illuminates the room or is commonly referred to as general lighting.

The purpose of ambient lighting is to illuminate the room as a whole so that the room is clearly visible to the corners.

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Different Types of Ambient Light

As the main lighting, the types of lamps used are also very diverse, see also tips on the right type of room lighting to support the atmosphere of the house. The following below are the types of lighting produced by ambient light in the room:

  1. Usually, the lamp is mounted on the top or the ceiling of the room which serves to illuminate the area below it.
  2. Usually, the hanging lamp or wall lamp installed is the main light source for the room.
  3. Lighting from various lamps that reflect light from the ceiling and walls.

While providing general lighting, light from general lighting or ambient light is not ideal for doing special work or exhibiting certain elements in a space, which is the role of another room lighting.

How Important Is Ambient Light for a Room?

Ambient lighting as the main lighting is very important for a room because light from ambient lighting can illuminate the entire room from all directions. Even though it is the main light in a room, this lighting can be adjusted to the needs and theme of the room, such as in a house that may be able to use bright white lights and like in a restaurant or shop it can be dim or dim.

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Ambient Light is important for a room because:

  • As the main source of lighting in a room
  • Provides optimal lighting in the room
  • Must have in buildings or houses

Ambient Lighting Source

Ambient lighting sources can be very diverse, can be from direct sunlight or lamplight. The light that is suitable and can produce ambient lighting is as follows:

1. Hanging Lamps

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Hanging lamps or chandeliers in the main room can be the main light source in the building. The types of lights on hanging lamps are very diverse, can be spot lamps, neon, or even LED lights.

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