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Now You Know, Here Are 5 Facts about Teak Wood!

Teak wood has various benefits and facts, teak wood is resistant to good weather, namely sunlight and rain. In addition, this wood is also able to protect itself from pest attacks. Therefore, teak wood is often used in many fields.

In this article, Bungas will provide 5 facts about teak wood that you need to know.

Teak Wood Facts You Need to Know

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  1. Originally from Myanmar

The first fact is that teak wood comes from Myanmar. Data from Escape Artist, Myanmar is a country that exports the most teak in the world, which is around 75 percent of the world’s availability.

In addition, other countries such as India, Thailand, and Laos are behind Myanmar, because each of these countries has quite large export figures regarding teak due to the large amount of teak found in these countries.

2. It Grows in Tropical Climates

The next fact about teak is that it grows in the tropics. Teak is one of the types that is suitable for the tropical climate in Asia which makes its existence generally dominated by South Asia to Southeast Asia.

According to GoldTeak, teak is suitable for temperatures around 27 degrees Celsius, even though it experiences a dry season of around 3-4 months. This is what then makes the Southeast Asian region including Indonesia suitable as a place for the growth and development of teak trees.

3. Have a Long Life

According to Britannica, teak that grows in Myanmar and India experiences growth of about 2 meters and 0.6 in diameter, but teak forests in Myanmar and India have an age of more than 200 years and are rarely only under 100 years old.

4. The Longer The Lasting

One of the most well-known facts about teak wood is that the longer it lasts, the longer it lasts. Teak wood is known as good quality wood, but with proper care, teak wood can last for decades. It is not surprising that teak wood is often used as furniture and household items.

5. Beautiful Furniture

The next fact is that teak wood is often used as a basic material for making furniture. Teak wood is one of the best quality woods, has beautiful motifs, is durable, easy to process and easy to maintain.

Benefits of Teak Wood Furniture

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In general, teak wood is included in the ideal wood group because of its strength, durability, and beautiful fiber. This wood is resistant to attack by termites and fungi. In addition, teak wood has good resistance to weather and temperature changes.

Teak wood is very suitable for furniture because teak wood is more durable than other woods because it contains large amounts of natural oil. So that furniture made of teak wood is more durable than other types of wood.

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