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What is Lampshade? and How to Choose the Right Lampshade?

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Lampshade is an additional accessory to the lamp to spread light so it is not glared, usually The lampshade is an additional accessory to the lamp to spread light so it is not glared, usually mounted on the top of the lamppost that covers the bulb, such as floor lamps, table lamps, hanging lamps and so on. The materials commonly used for lampshades are paper, glass, or cloth. In general, the lampshade is funnel-shaped or cylindrical. The lampshade can be applied to floor lamps, table lamps, pendant lamps or wall lamps. Besides functioning to spread light, lampshades also add to the aesthetics of the interior of your room.

The Types of Lampshade

The basic shape of the lampshade is divided into four: drum, empire, bell, and coolie. In addition to the basic shape, lampshades are also available in the form of a cube, hexagonal, gallery, oval, or scalloped. For its type, there are four types of lampshade:

  • Rustic

Identical to the simple shape with earth tone colors.

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  • Traditionally

Using the basic material of linen, paper, or cloth mounted on the lampshade frame.

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  • Modern

Carrying contemporary shapes such as cylinders, hexagonal, or cubes.

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  • Vintage

The design is inspired by the aesthetics of the past, usually using glass materials.

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Then, How to Choose the Right Lampshade?

Choosing the right lampshade may seem easy, but we need to consider two aspects: the decor in your room, and the lamp base you have.

In fact, there are many types of lampshades in a lamp shop or at Bungas Homedecor, so we will give you some tips for getting the right lampshade.

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  • Choose By Size

Lampshade is like a hat, so adjust the size of the lampshade with the lamp base. If it’s too big or too small, it will look weird. Adjust the size appropriately so that it looks harmonious and proportional. Then also consider the size of the shade with your room, first determine how much space is available and then choose the right lampshade. If for a table lamp then consider the area of ​​your table.

  • Choose the Right Shape

Again, to choose the shape of the lampshade you also need to pay attention to the proportion of the size of the lamp base, and the area of ​​​​the space. Adjust the base shape with the lampshade that you will choose, such as a box shape with a box to match.

  • Material and Color Selection

Paper material is suitable for a room with a modern and minimalist feel, especially if it is with block colors. Or if you want to be more festive, you can choose a marbled color, which is patterned. Then lampshade made of cloth is more suitable for rooms with classic or traditional nuances.

  • Selection of Lighting Type

If you need ambient light or lighting for reading, choose a shade with a clear coating. But if it’s just for accent lighting, a shade with a thick layer isn’t a problem. Also consider the distance between the bulb and the shade, so it doesn’t get hot and burnt easily.

Lampshade for Your Favorite Decorative Lights

Finally, hopefully tips from Bungas about lampshades can inspire you to get the right lampshade. In addition to basic tips in choosing a lampshade, follow your taste in choosing to match what you want so that the interior remains neat and beautiful. In addition to lampshades, you can also find various other decorative lights for a more elegant room. Please contact us via Whatsapp for more detailed information.

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