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Wall Lamp Guide: Reasonable Price for Beautiful Bedroom

When you mind to boost your room aesthetics, there are many options to consider, one of them is decorative wall lamp. With simple form yet looks luxurious, and of course easy installation. Applying wall lamp is favored for relatively small room.

Aesthetic Without Hassle

Installing wall lamp is the instant way to transform into something luxurious, comfy, without having to drain your wallet. Its compact form will not be a problem if you want to move it. Try to put wall lamp beside your favorite spot or put it beside your bed. Wherever you put wall lamp, it will shines you without consuming large space.

Here is Complete Guide about Wall Lamp

  1. Placement

First thing first to take a note as you install wall lamp is placement. Starts from setting up furniture in your room, then continue installing the lamp needed. If it’s required for studying or working, place it on wall above the table, place it over your bed if you need more light when you want to relax on the bed.

2. Ceiling Height

Mind your ceiling height before you install a wall lamp. Placement height affecting the light spread, for a wider spread place it higher, and vice versa.

3. Bentuk

There are lot of wall lamp types available in the market, from chandelier, reading lamp, bedside light, and any other. Match the wall lamp to your interior theme before you choose.

4. Bulb color

Match bulb color to your room environment before installing wall lamp. For bedroom, you can pick warmer color such as yellow or orange, if needed for work or study use white light.

Dress Up Your Room with Wall Lamp from bungas

Additional lighting for room with wall lamp strongly boost your room’s aesthetic. Let’s see premium wall lamp made by Bungas Home Decor here! other than that, you can get decorative lamp ideas here. Hopefully, this this guide inspire you and make your room more appealing than ever.

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